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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Waiting for HTTP Server - Go Testing

I don't like mocking in tests. If I have a server to test, I prefer to start and instance and hit the API in my tests. Waiting for the server to start with a simple sleep is unpredictable. I prefer to start the server, try to hit an URL until it's OK or fail after a long timeout. This is a simple task with Go's select and time.After.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Slap a --help on it

Sometimes we write "one off" scripts to deal with certain task. However most often than not these scripts live more than just the one time. This is very common in ops related code that for some reason people don't apply the regular coding standards to.

It really upsets me when I try to see what a script is doing, run it with --help flag and it happily deletes the database while I wait :) It's so easy to add help support in the command line. In Python we do it with argparse, and we role our own in bash. Both cases it's extra 3 lines of code.

Please be kind to future self and add --help support to your scripts.

Friday, March 11, 2016

vfetch - Fetch Go Vendor Depedencies

Go 1.6 now supports vendoring. I found myself cloning dependencies to "vendor" directory, then cloning their dependencies ... This got old really fast so vfetch was born. It's a quick and dirty solution, uses "go get" with a temporary GOPATH to get the package and its dependencies, then uses rsync to copy them to the vendor directory.

Installing is the usual "go get" then you can use "vfetch".

Comment, ideas and pull requests are more than welcomed.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Super Simple nvim UI

I've been playing with neovim lately, enjoying it and a leaner RC file. nvim comes currently only in terminal mode and I wanted a way to spin a new window for it. Here's a super simple script (I call it e) to start a new xfce4-terminal window with nvim.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Removing String Columns from a DataFrame

Sometimes you want to work just with numerical columns in a pandas DataFrame. The rule of thumb is that everything that has a type of object is something not numeric (you can get fancier with numpy.issubdtype). We're going to use the DataFrame dtypes with some boolean indexing to accomplish this.

In [1]: import pandas as pd  

In [2]: df = pd.DataFrame([
   ...:     [1, 2, 'a', 3],
   ...:     [4, 5, 'b', 6],
   ...:     [7, 8, 'c', 9],
   ...: ])  

In [3]: df  
   0  1  2  3
0  1  2  a  3
1  4  5  b  6
2  7  8  c  9

In [4]: df.dtypes  
0     int64
1     int64
2    object
3     int64
dtype: object

In [5]: df[df.columns[df.dtypes != object]]
   0  1  3
0  1  2  3
1  4  5  6
2  7  8  9

In [6]:   

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Forging Python - First Chapter is Up

Finally, first chapter of my upcoming book "Forging Python" is up. I'm doing it leanpub style so comments ans suggestions are more than welcomed.

I plan to finish the book this year, hopefully during the summer. However more than one person said I'm way too optimistic - time will tell :)

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

353Solutions - 2015 in Review

Happy new year!

First full calendar year that 353solutions is operating. Let's start with the numbers and then some insights and future goals.


  • 170 days of work in total
    • Work day is a day where I billed someone for some part of it
      • Can be and hour can be 24 hours (when teaching abroad)
    • There were total of 251 work days in 2015
    • There were some work days that are not billable (drafting syllabuses, answering emails ...) but not that many
  • 111 of days consulting to 4 clients
    • 1st Go project!!!
  • 58 days teaching 14 courses
    • Python at all levels and scientific Python (including new async workshop)
    • In UK, Poland and Israel


  • Social network provided almost all the work
    • Keep investing in good friends (not just for work :)
  • Workshops pay way more than consulting
    • However can't work from home in workshops
    • Consulting keeps you updated with latest tech
  • Had to let go of a client due to draconian contract
    • No regrets here, it was the right decision
    • Super nice team. Sadly lawyers had final say the company
  • Python and data science are big and in high demand
  • Delegating overhead to the right person helps a lot
    • Accounting, contracts ...

Future Goals

  • Keep positioning in Python and Scientific Python area
  • Drive more Go projects and workshops
  • Works less days, have same revenue at end of year
  • Start some "public classes" where we rent a class and people show up
    • Some companies don't have big enough data science team
    • Need to invest in advertising
  • Publish my book (more on that later)

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